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Landscaping Services

Expert Landscape Design Services in Newcastle NSW

Landscaping Newcastle Pro is your one-stop-shop for all of your Landscape Design needs. If you are looking for a Landscape Designer in the Newcastle area, look no further! Landscaping Newcastle Pro has been operating for years and has built an excellent reputation as a reliable Landscape Designer through hard work, dedication and professionalism.

We offer competitive rates on Landscape Design services that will fit into any budget because we understand how important it is to find the right balance between quality, cost and time frame.


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    Your Local Professional Landscape Designer

    Our award-winning Landscape Designers are experts in Landscaping design and can help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Our landscape architects are professionally trained and skilled, be it garden design, Landscape Architecture, or Landscape Planning.

    We have the experience required to create a design tailored to your residential or commercial needs. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are 100% happy with what we have created for you. Landscaping Newcastle is a company that will always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

    You can be confident that our designers have all the qualifications, experience and knowledge to help turn your project idea into something unique!

    How we work

    Here at Landscaping Newcastle Pro, we work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our team is committed to integrity, honesty and excellence in all our customer dealings.

    Initial Consultation:

    One of our Landscape Designers will come to your place and discuss what you want. We then take all this information back to our office and work on a design plan for your property to present something explicitly tailored to your needs, wants and budget.

    Concept and Plan:

    After the initial consultation, Landscaping Newcastle Pro will prepare your property’s concept and design plan. We ensure that our programs are detailed to a high standard, allowing you to see what you can expect from Landscape Designers in Newcastle, NSW.


    Once we have prepared the initial concept and design plans, Our designers will prepare a Landscape Design Newcastle NSW presentation. It will include sketches, plans and other relevant information to make an informed decision about your Landscaping project.

    Construction Quote:

    Once done, we will provide you with a Landscape Design Construction Quote for your project. We do not believe in overcharging our clients, so expect to receive an affordable quote well within budget.

    Project Management:

    After Landscaping has completed the initial plan and construction process, Landscaping Newcastle Pro will be on hand to manage the Landscape Design project.

    Your One-Stop Shop for All of Your Landscape Design Needs

    Landscaping is essential when considering how much time you spend outdoors. Landscaping helps to enhance the aesthetics of your surroundings. It creates a healthier environment for you and your family by providing shelter from the sun and wind protection and reducing noise levels.

    Landscape Design can be used as an investment to increase trade or attract new residents. Landscaping provides a buffer between you and your neighbours or creates an aesthetically pleasing entrance. Landscape design is also essential when considering how valuable outdoor spaces are for families with children.

    Our landscape design services in Newcastle are designed to offer you a one-stop-shop for all of your Landscape Design needs. Whether it’s for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, Landscaping Newcastle Pro can provide you with new Landscaping ideas and plans that suit your budget and tastes.

    Our Landscaping Services:

    Landscaping Newcastle Pro offers Landscape Design Services in Newcastle that includes:

    • Landscape Placement Plans & Designs – We offer Landscape Design and Landscaping services that will keep your needs in mind while creating a functional, beautiful design.
    • Landscape Construction – Landscaping Newcastle Pro Landscape designers can help you plan new landscapes, or we can work alongside your team to ensure the project is completed on time.
    • Landscape Maintenance Plan & Service – Our Landscaping services can help you create a Landscape Maintenance Plan to keep your landscape looking great year-round.
    • Landscape Estimate –  Our Landscape designers will work with you to create a Landscape Estimate that is accurate, detailed and tailored according to your needs.

    Reliable and Trusted Landscapers for Newcastle Residents

    If you’re looking for Landscape Designers in Newcastle, Landscaping Newcastle Pro has delivered the best landscaping services to its clients for over fifteen years.

    Landscapers are professionally trained and experienced professionals specialising in landscape design and construction of residential or commercial properties. They work closely with homeowners to create landscapes that suit their tastes and lifestyles. Landscape Designers employ landscapers to transform the land into beautiful gardens.

    We offer professional and detailed designs for your budget with no surprises. Our Landscapers work closely with owners to create the perfect landscape design that suits their tastes and lifestyle needs.

    Why Choose Landscaping Newcastle Pro?

    Landscaping Newcastle Pro will always ensure that Landscape Design projects are managed efficiently and with the utmost care. With Landscaping on your team, you can rest assured that every detail is taken care of from start to finish so you can focus on other things.

    Experience – Our Landscape Designers have a combined experience of over twenty-five years in Landscape design.

    Quality – Landscaping Newcastle Pro is committed to providing quality craft and materials for all your Landscape Design requirements.

    Solutions – Landscape Design is a complicated process with many variables that can be addressed by Landscaping Newcastle Pro Landscape Design team members who have years of experience in this field.

    Contact Us Today for a FREE Quote!

    When you’re ready to start your Landscape Design project, contact Landscaping Newcastle Pro to create the perfect landscape.

    We provide Landscaping Newcastle Pro Landscape Design services to residential, commercial, industrial and retail customers throughout the region. Our staff is ready to help you with a FREE Landscape Design consultation and quote.


      Newcastle Solar Power Google Reviews and Trust Badge

      Your Local Landscaping Experts in Newcastle

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