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Tailored Garden Maintenance that Positively Enhances Your Garden

The Landscaping Newcastle Pro team has been providing positive enhancements to gardens for over a decade. We understand the needs of our customers and know how to create tailored garden maintenance programs designed with long-term goals in mind, not just quick fixes. Once we understand your garden needs and expectations, we will set up a program specifically designed for you and your property.


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    Professional Garden Maintenance in Newcastle

    Garden Maintenance is essential to keeping your garden looking great. Garden maintenance can include several duties, such as lawn mowing, weeding and pruning trees/shrubs. It is essential in the spring or early summer because most plants need attention to prepare for winter weather.

    That’s why here at Landscaping Newcastle Pro, we can offer you a variety of Garden Services to suit any budget and need so that your garden will have the attention it needs during the warmer months.

    We know your garden needs, expectations, and the scope of work you require. Our team will create a tailored Garden Maintenance programme for you that maximises returns on investment in even our most miniature gardens.

    Why You Need To Hire A Professional

    Maintaining your garden yourself can be time-consuming and expensive. You have to invest in the right equipment, purchase pricey fertilisers and spend your weekends on upkeep – not to mention how hard it is to regulate plants that grow fast or aggressively.

    Here are some of the reasons why hiring a professional Garden Maintenance company is the best option for you:

    • You’ll save money and have more time to enjoy your garden.
    • You won’t need expensive equipment or fertilisers, saving you both cash and trips to the store.
    • Regulating plants that grow fast or aggressively is hard if you’re not an expert.
    • It helps you make the most of your investment and spend less time maintaining the garden.
    • Professional advice and Garden Maintenance can help your garden look its absolute best.

    Our Services

    We service & maintain a variety of gardens, from private residences to large Garden Centers.
    Our Services Include:

    Regular maintenance visits- Our maintenance visits are tailored to suit budgets and needs. We’ll work with you to develop a programme that meets your long-term goals for the garden.

    Site clearing-  Garden waste can be a problem for any garden, and this is where our site clearing service comes in. We’ll remove all unwanted plants taking over your space and leaving you with no room to grow.

    Weeding-  Weed control is vital if we want the vegetable patch to perform well, so keeping on top of weeds will lead to a more fruitful harvest. We’ll remove unwanted weddings and help you plan for future pest control.

    Pest & disease treatment – Garden pests are not just a problem for the vegetable patch. Pests and diseases can affect all aspects of your garden, but we’ll make sure there’s no need to worry about their return with our pest & disease treatments.

    Irrigation – Garden irrigation is crucial if you want healthy plants that produce well in summer when the sun lasts longer. We’ll ensure your irrigation is running smoothly and the system has been set up correctly.

    Fertilising – Fertiliser is essential if you want vigorous, healthy plants that produce excellent fruit and vegetables. We’ll ensure that your plants get the right amount of nutrients and that you’re using a fertiliser appropriate to their needs.

    One-off garden tidy-ups –  Garden maintenance and landscaping don’t need to be an ongoing commitment. If you want a one-off garden tidy-up, we can also organise that.

    Hedging & pruning –  Hedging and pruning can be a great way to keep your garden looking tidy while improving the health of plants. We’ll maintain them regularly so they don’t get out of hand, giving you beautiful results all year round.

    Lawn mowing & edging – Garden maintenance doesn’t need to be an expensive commitment. We’ll mow your lawn and frame it for you, keeping it looking nice without the hassle.

    Mulching –  It is a great way to keep your garden looking its best, and we have the expertise to make it happen. We’ll mulch around your plants so they can flourish without being shaded by weeds or grasses.

    Customised Garden Maintenance Plans

    Many people don’t realise that Garden Maintenance can be tailored to suit their needs, but it’s a great way to ensure they get what they want with little commitment. We’ll create customised Garden Maintenance plans for you so you don’t have any surprises and enjoy the benefits of our expertise.

    We are confident that our services will not only meet your Garden Maintenance needs but go above and beyond to exceed expectations. We know that it can be difficult maintaining a beautiful, manicured lawn and flowerbeds all the time, so we’re here to make life easier! 

    We offer custom-built maintenance plans for your garden to help you worry less about keeping up with the upkeep. With our Garden Maintenance services, you can take on more household responsibilities without worrying about your garden.

    Make Your Garden Shine Like New Again

    The bright sun of the summer season will fade and dry up your green lawn. But don’t worry. Our Garden Maintenance team has your back! With our reliable Garden Maintenance services, you’ll be able to get the green and lush lawn you want without having to worry about keeping it up.

    As your trusted Garden Maintenance experts, we can make your Garden shine like new again. We have the knowledge, skills and resources to help you maintain a beautiful garden that’s always in shape, whether professionally landscaped or maintained by hand.

    Call us today for a consultation!

    When you’re ready to work with a Garden Maintenance expert, contact us today for a consultation. Landscaping Newcastle Pro is prepared to help you achieve your goals and enjoy the benefits of an immaculately maintained garden.


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