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Bogey Hole

About Bogey Hole

The Bogey Hole is a fascinating piece of history nestled right by the ocean in Newcastle, Australia. As the oldest surviving European construction in the area, its history is rich and intriguing. The fact that it was built by convict labour on the orders of Lieutenant-Colonel James Thomas Morisset makes it even more fascinating. Known for its other name, the Commandant’s Baths, the pool was carved out of a sandstone and conglomerate rock shelf in the early 1820s. The name “Bogie” or “Bogey” originates from the Dharawal language, meaning “to bathe” or “a place to bathe,” adding to the mystery and allure of this incredible heritage-listed site. It’s no wonder it was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register in 2003.

Nestled beneath a seemingly unassuming headland, the Bogey Hole is a popular spot for daredevils. Though it can get battered in heavy seas, locals often brave the cliffside climb for the thrill of jumping into the shallow waters, which are only about 1.5 meters deep. And if that isn’t daring enough for you, there’s always the option to hang onto the barrier chains in the baths when a wave crashes over you. But don’t let the thrill-seeking fool you – Audrey Reay cautions that the Bogey Hole can be dangerous in bad weather, and even the most experienced swimmers may come away with a few scratches. Despite the risks, though, it’s hard to resist the appeal of this unique and exciting swimming hole.

Bogey Hole

What to do at Bogey Hole

There’s no denying that finding a hidden gem that’s Instagram-worthy is the ultimate goal of any social media enthusiast. Thankfully, the Bogey Hole ocean pool in Newcastle is a dream come true for just that. Whether you’re capturing it in full flight or simply enjoying its beauty during a peaceful moment, the Bogey Hole is an absolute must-see attraction for anyone visiting King Edward Park. With its impressive rock formations and serene atmosphere, it’s easy to see why this ocean pool has become such a popular destination. No trip to the Newcastle coastline is complete without a visit to the memorable Bogey Hole.

The Bogey Hole is a location that bears testament to the rich history of New South Wales. The fact that the site is listed on the State Heritage Register is a testament to its importance. However, the Bogey Hole is more than just a historic landmark. It represents a slice of Australia’s cultural evolution. More specifically, it is considered the first-ever purpose-built ocean swimming pool in the country, and this makes it all the more significant. Given its historical and cultural significance, it is no surprise that it draws visitors and researchers alike. If you want to gain a deeper understanding of NSW’s history, then the Bogey Hole is definitely a must-see location.

Bogey Hole

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